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From time to time I get too many wonderfully fun needle felt creations piling high on my work table, or shelves. I love to make them, and adore them all, but I don't need to keep them all! 

So, when I need to clear up some work space for myself, or to fund new supplies, I will offer some pieces here. Since I don't sell my work retail anymore, I thought this might be a fun way to share my work, and still have moving room in my work area. I will make some pieces available here and on Facebook, for a nominal price, and donation options. If you want it for a different price, write me and make a bid. Or, just click the PayPal button option you like, and it’s yours for way, way below retail. Kind of like a yard sale, only online. 😁

I've set up PayPal to give you an option to purchase for a very low price, or donate an amount. Once you complete your transaction, PayPal will send me a notice and will not allow the item to be available to anyone else, and then  I will contact you and remove this listing. Very easy!

By the way, I always announce new listings in my newsletter first, so please sign up for first looks at what is available, and to keep up to date.  Write me anytime with questions, suggestions, and ideas. 

And thanks for your incredible support! ~ Cherie'

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Do You Want This Special Mother's Love Art Doll?

Wool pumpkin patch mother love doll

Autumn and Her Littles - A Mother's Love

This is a very special and completely unique wool sculpture. Truly one of a kind art doll. I created her for a pumpkin doll contest, and now I'm ready to let her go.

"Autumn and Her Littles" stands a little over 11-inches tall. She is solid wool, no armature. It depicts a loving mother and her infant and toddler, but in the form of pumpkins...it shows that a mother, any mother, and her offspring share a special bond and connection.

The details in the vine and leaves are not showing well in the photo, but there is a lot of shading and details that can only be seen in person. This was a labor from my heart, and she is a fun piece that can't help but make you smile.

If you can't let anyone else have her, click the button directly below, and thank you so much!

Buy or Donate For Your Mother's Love Art Doll

Do You Want This Garden Fairy Doll?

Wool roving Waldorf fairy angel doll

Garden Fairy Solid Wool Doll

This garden fairy/angel is about 5” tall and is in a similar style as the very popular “roving angels” and Waldorf dolls, except she has a solid wool skirt and stands perfectly on her own, but she’s light enough to hang on a tree, from a plant, or mobile.

If you want her, click the button directly below, and thank you!

Buy or Donate For Your Garden Fairy Doll Here

Do You Want This Little Witch?

Green face witch brewing in her cauldron

Little Witch Brewing in her Cauldron

This funny little witch is stewing in her own cauldron. She is solid wool, and stands about 5" high or so. She has such fun details, from her wart on her chin, to green lips, to cascading bubbles from her boiling brew. She has very soft Gotland sheep hair in a lovely natural gray. This bathing beauty is a one of a kind original, for sure. LOL

If you want her, click the button directly below, and thank you!

Buy or Donate For Your Brewing Little Witch

Do You Want This Smiling Sun Magnet?

Cute smiling baby sun face wool magnet

Smiling Sunshine Face Magnet

This adorable little smiling face is eager to share a giggle with you, any time. His sunshiny personality practically glows! He's a little larger than a ping pong ball, and not as big as a tennis ball, but the cool thing is, he has a magnet on back so he can hang around and just spread cheer silently!

If you want him, click the button directly below, and thank you!

Buy or Donate For Your Smiling Sun Magnet