Guess what? I'm a writer, and I'm writing a book...and tutorials!

I am currently working on writing tutorials that I will sell as downloadable PDF files. They are for individual projects, for skill levels from simple to advanced, and will be written in detailed step-by-step style, with lots of great photos showing you exactly what each stage should look like. 

They will be available through my Etsy shop and other outlets. More details soon! 

The plan, currently in progress, is that these are 3D sculptural needle felting projects, ranging from human figures to realistic animals, and every fantasy or cute thing in between. They will have step-by-step photos and written instructions, and will be written in a fun (slightly humorous) style, because I can't seem to write in any other way. This will make my written tutorials fresh, fun, and very cool!

Also coming soon is my first needle felting book. Taking a Stab at It, a Guide to Sculptural Needle Felting, will include a great deal of information, from history of needle felting, to a good list of materials, details about felting needles, and some good projects, from beginner skill levels to advanced sculpts. I'm very excited about this book, which I hope will be the first in a series (but that will depend on you all!). It will be available as a download, ebook, and paperback. I expect it will be available end of 2018, and I'll let you know when it's ready for preorders.

So, keep watching my website, sign up for my email list to get updates, and I will list the tutorials, and the book, when they are available! If you have suggestions or input you'd like to share, feel free to email me with your suggestions! Thank you!!


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