Testimonials & Letters

Vampira Art Doll

Classic Vampira art doll, homage to Maila Nurmi, who created the persona, Vampira.

“Vampira is beautiful! What an incredible doll! She is so detailed with beautiful soft and lush eyelashes and hair, the tiny mole on her face, the deep blue added into her eyes, the signature eyebrows, the beautiful lush red lips and fingernails, the tiny waist, and the signature dress with the tatters on the sleeves and base of the dress. Maila Nurmi (television's first horror host and glamour ghoul) would be proud! Cherie is so wonderful to work with, has great communication, and when items are completed they are packaged beautifully and shipped quickly. I love the tiny cedar chips that she uses in order to sign and date each piece of art. A+++ seller and artist!!!” - Laurie, Florida

Memorial Sheep Sculpture

A memorial wool sculpture of a realistic Lincoln Longwool ram, made with his own fleece

"My heart just melted when my Little Abe Lincoln arrived.  Cherie' Davidson, creator  and artist of Darlin Girl Creations, made him for me from just a picture and she actually used some of his wool and curls.  This little replica of Abe is extra special as AbeRam Lincoln was one of my first sheep.                                                  

Abe was my first treasure from Cherie' but certainly will not be my last.  Wonderful to work with, Great communication, Treasured result.  Such a  Blessing.  I would highly recommend Cherie' to anyone.  A+++++"  - Connie, Ohio

Frankenstein's Monster Art Doll

Wool needle felted art doll, Frankenstein's monster based on Boris Karloff's classic film character

"The Monster is absolutely beautiful and so well made, even better than the photographs of him. There is incredible detail that did not show up in the photos. There are details around the top of his head that could only really be seen when The Monster was in my hands. 

Cherie' is such a true artist and puts so much thought and care into everything she makes. Everything she creates is high quality and is worth every penny! This is the sixth item Cherie' has made for me. She is great to work with. The Monster was definitely worth the wait. He was packaged well and shipped quickly when he was completed." - Laurie, Florida

"Mini-Me" Look-alike Art Doll


"My 'mini-me' arrived unexpectedly from the creator of Darlin Girl Creations, Cherie' Davidson. Cherie' has always been artistically brilliant, but upon opening my specialty surprise, I was not prepared for the spitting image staring back at me. Every detail, right down to the eyelashes and my attire was spot on.

The incredible detail of Cherie's work can't be matched. It's definitely a gift I will treasure for a lifetime." - Monique, San Francisco

Nosferatu Art Doll

1922 Nosferatu art doll, all wool and needle felted by Cherie Davidson

"Fantastic needle felt Nosferatu art doll. Looks just like Max Schreck who played Nosferatu in the 1922 silent film. Beautifully handcrafted. The fingernails, face, and ears are truly fabulous! The long coat is great! Thanks for the red tinge of color in the eyes! He is standing right next to the two Nosferatu peg dolls you painted for me!

Cherie'  is fabulous to work with. Great communication, fast shipping, packaged securely! A+++"  - Laurie, Florida

A Customer’s Lovely Note ...

From Laurie T, Florida (Oct. 2018) 

My online relationship with Cherie all started with a Daisy Doll that she made for me back in February 2014. Cherie also made a wonderful Day of the Dead Ballerina for me in 2014, painted two Nosferatu peg dolls for me in 2014, needle felted a Nosferatu doll in 2015, needle felted a Frankenstein doll for me in 2016, and now I have a wonderful needle felted Vampira doll in 2018. 

Cherie is a wonderful and talented artist. She puts so much time and effort into everything that she has made for me and takes a lot of care when it comes to all of the tiny details for each piece. Sometimes it takes awhile to receive the item, but rest assured that is because a lot of time and effort is being put into each piece of art. Communication is always great, items are always packaged securely, and shipped quickly. She is an A+++ seller and artist!!”  

News & Media

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International Doll Artists Magazine, Issue #4


September 2018 - I am so honored to have an article published, and to represent needle felting as an accepted art doll medium!