Up For Grabs -- How to Buy Some of My Work

From time to time I get too many wonderfully fun needle felt creations piling high on my work table, or shelves (and closets). I love to make them, and adore them all, but I don't need to keep them all! 

So, when I need to clear up some work space for myself, or to fund new supplies, I will offer some pieces from my Etsy shop (linked on this page). I will make some pieces available from time to time, and sometimes on special or custom request. If you want something specific, or custom, please write me for availability, and we can discuss it. I always enjoy new adventures in wool sculpting! 

By the way, I plan to announce new listings in my newsletter first, so please sign up to receive  first looks at what is available, and to keep up to date.  Write me anytime with questions, suggestions, and ideas. 

And thanks for your incredible support! ~ Cherie'

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Listed on Etsy

Autumn and Her Littles


"Autumn and Her Littles" stands a little over 11-inches tall. She is solid wool, no armature. It depicts a loving mother and her infant and toddler, but in the form of pumpkins...it shows that a mother, any mother, and her offspring share a special bond and connection.

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Plant Life -- Leif and Friend


An original character, this needle felted plant has decided to come to life and learn about the world. Being pot bound, he starts with a passing new friend. Leif is very curious about this crawling buddy, but I'm sure they are going to be life-long buds! 

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Fungus Fun-guy


This hilarious little fun-guy (fungi LOL) will bring smiles to everyone who sees him. Big eyes filled with life, and a mischievous tongue that shows his playful, childlike side, this little guy is a keeper, and would make an unexpected, and awesome, gift!

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Waldorf Style Needle Felt Spring Fairy, Garden Angel


She is approximately six inches high, with white wool wings. Her wonderful hair is a lively green lamb locks, giving her a look of being free and wild. Her gown is roving, in a beautiful medley of the colors of a glorious sunset, ranging from peach, to coral, with traces of yellow-gold.

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